Weightlifting for the Brain!



Let’s say you decide to join the JCC in an effort to get fit and exercise your muscles. You decide to lift weights but only focus on the left side of your body, ignoring the muscles on your right. Pretty soon your left side is able to lift heavier weights but the strength on your right side stays the same or actually decreases from lack of use. It’s hard to imagine that anyone would think this was the right way to build overall strength and endurance.

Exercising our brains works in a very similar way. In a traditional Math class, the focus is on Left Brain development through the use of logic, facts, and patterns. But what about the attributes of Right Brain development – imagination, memory power, visualization, and analytical abilities?

At Posnack, we are introducing Abacus Math to our youngest students as a way of promoting total brain development. The use of the Abacus promotes Mental Math skills, increases intuitive thinking, and enhances concentration across the curriculum. Kindergarten students understand double-digit place value and create “pictures” in their minds to perform high-level math computations.

But don’t take my word for it – come and see for yourself! When school begins, all Kindergarten and First Grade students will be immersed in Abacus Math activities. I encourage you to stop by and see how your child will love “exercising” both sides of the brain!





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