Recognizing the Value


Today being the national day for giving thanks, I see it as only fitting to give thanks to a collective group of individuals who every day make a difference in the lives of Posnack children. Posnack teachers are an amazing team of diverse professionals with one common goal – providing your children with a superior educational experience while nurturing their emotional needs as well. 

The importance of a good teacher cannot be overstated. A 2011 study conducted by researchers at Harvard and Columbia, found a direct correlation between good teachers and student achievement. Interestingly enough, the greatest impact occurred for students between the fourth and eighth grades. For this study, teachers were rated as excellent, average, or poor as determined by “value-added” ratings after adjusting for numerous factors such as student backgrounds and economic status. Researchers then analyzed data collected over a period of time regarding students’ college matriculation rates and future earnings. The results were surprising in that those students identified as having the best teachers during those formative years were more likely to continue in their pursuit of higher education and reach higher earning levels. 

So how does this study translate to the ultimate future success of your child? Posnack teachers possess more than the educational degrees and certification required to be a “high-value” teacher. The value of Posnack teachers can be found in their dedication to their craft and their commitment in assisting all students to reach their greatest potential. Posnack teachers understand and appreciate the need to differentiate instruction to meet the individual learning styles of their students. And of equal importance, Posnack teachers know that a rigorous secular education, combined with the Judaic and Hebrew studies offered by a Jewish Day School, provide a “high-value” experience that’s second to none.

So on this Thanksgiving day, I want to personally thank all Posnack teachers for exemplifying what it truly means to be a “high-value” teacher. We don’t need a university study to tell us what we already know. Your children’s future success will be proof enough.


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