Mathematically Magical…


Mathematically Magical! The perfect two words to describe Wednesday night’s performance by Dr. Arthur Benjamin. Playing to a “standing room only” crowd of over 400 people, Dr. Benjamin’s mental math tricks, shortcuts, and solutions offered the audience a whole new perspective on the relationship between fun and mathematics.

And the real highlight of the evening besides Dr. Benjamin’s own version of a popular song about “pi?” I would have to credit his closing remarks in which he praised Posnack’s teachers and students for their enthusiasm and creativity in relating math to real life and making learning fun!

So now that the lights have dimmed and Dr. Benjamin returns to his students at Harvey Mudd College, is the Posnack Math Challenge over? Absolutely not! Our students have proven that they are able to tackle math challenges with the critical thinking and computational skills needed for success. They are ready to apply their knowledge to more difficult challenges as they progress through the grades. And of even greater importance, Posnack students are ready to do all this with a positive “I CAN DO IT” attitude towards math.

So I would like to personally offer my thanks and gratitude to Dr. Arthur Benjamin for validating what our students have been showing us this year – Math IS fun… Math IS engaging… Math IS magical!


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