And the Pulitzer Prize goes to….





Well…. maybe winning the Pulitzer Prize is a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s absolutely no exaggeration to say that our Lower School students are excited to be recognized as published authors. Every student from Kindergarten through 5th grade submitted an entry for publication in the new Lower School Literary Magazine. The writing included Haiku poetry, tales of family vacations, and ideas for ways to have fun in the sun! Want to know the real meaning of happiness or the character traits our Kindergartners identified as a necessary ingredient for friendship? The voice of each student shines through as they celebrate a fantastic year filled with creative and expressive writing across the curriculum.

The printing presses are beginning to roll and a complimentary issue will soon be on the way to each of our Lower School families. If you can’t wait to see what the buzz is all about, take a peek at Posnack’s latest literary endeavor on our own site.

As the school year winds down, let’s keep the writing spark alive. Encourage your child to fill their writer’s notebook or journal with their thoughts, their dreams, and their personal experiences. They may only be children, but it’s never too soon to aim for the (Pulitzer) prize!

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