Let’s not accept “I can’t…”


I don’t frequently post “retweets,” but the following was begging to be shared. With the introduction this past year of our new math curriculum, an added focus was on engaging students in the Lower School by introducing hands-on activities, projects, and competitions. The goal was not just to “teach” math, but rather to change the mindset of so many students who feel they were born with a predestination to fail all things mathematical. Dispelling the myth that a math gene is part of our chromosomal makeup proved to be a challenge, but I know that we made tremendous headway in convincing students that practice and perseverance can go a long way towards mathematical success.

The following alternative suggestions to “I can’t” statements don’t just apply to math and they certainly are not limited to kids. Conrad Hall, a well-respected and brilliant cinematographer, was quoted as saying “You are always a student, never a master.” Retraining our brain to look for better methods, strategies, or solutions is the message we want to send to our children. Let’s not allow them to settle for “I can’t” when “I CAN” may be just a strategy away.

Thank you to @casas_jimmy for tweeting this picture, as well as to the unknown originator.

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