An Apple a Day…



Last year, Apple® sold almost 5 million Macs and I am certain that almost as many people purchased an Apple® mouse to go along with their computers.

Now the students in one of Ms. Spunt’s math classes have literally given new meaning to the Apple® mouse. Using challah, a bagel and yes…… even a real apple…..these young engineers found a way to create their own computer mouse complete with working right and left click controls.

Sixth grade student Jacob W. led the way attaching wires to a circuit board and gathering his classmates together as they explored the basic principles of engineering. Strawberries, bagels, challah, and a shiny red apple all became the electrical conductors needed to control the movement of the cursor on the computer screen. Within a short period of time they succeeded in proving that their apple mouse was just as effective as the one first developed in the mid-1970s.

One might argue that a GOOD school is defined as a place where teachers deliver lessons and provide answers to students so they can learn. But I believe that a GREAT school is a place where teachers guide the students towards self-discovery of the answers through hands-on activities and real-world application of learned skills and concepts. Engaging students in the creative process of learning is as valuable a lesson for the teachers as it is for the students.

This is just the beginning for Jacob and his classmates as the excitement of engineering makes its way to the Posnack middle school in the Fall. As Albert Einstein so eloquently stated, “Education is not received. It is achieved.” And creating a working computer mouse out of your teacher’s lunch is a really great achievement indeed!







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